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DAYA&CO. is a consulting firm devoted to helping families make sound therapeutic and educational choices. Daya is Compassion, the guiding principle of our practice. Our goal is to provide counsel, support, and a compassionate space for struggling families. Our mission is to educate parents about all viable resources and pathways toward stability, health, and happiness. 


DAYA&CO. was founded in the wake of a life changing diagnosis - breast cancer. Mercedes Carbone, Founder and Principal Consultant, is intimately familiar with the notion of persevering in the face of adversity and distress. Her cancer journey shaped her perspective and work in many ways, deepening her ability to be present, listen carefully, and compassionately care for families in distress.

Mercedes V. Carbone, M.A.
Founder, Principal Consultant

My journey began at 19 years old while volunteering at a day treatment school serving emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. I fell in love with the students, with the work, and never turned back. With more than 25 years of experience helping young people and families as a special education teacher, residential treatment counselor, founding member of a charter school, school principal, academic coach, mentor, and consultant, I bring a well-rounded perspective and a compassionate approach to my practice. As the mother of two children, I also bring the perspective of a parent. Overall, my experience has clarified my path and fortified my mission: helping young people and their families. DAYA&CO. is the realization of my life’s journey.

In 2018, my family moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The transition to Colorado has been wonderful! I am in awe of the gorgeous mountains, the beautiful landscape, and the changing seasons. I am excited to collaborate with local professionals, and grateful to be serving and supporting families in my new community and beyond.


“We're a flexible and focused consultancy with strong industry knowledge. We look forward to meeting you and listening to your needs, helping define your goals and develop solutions to achieve them - together."

Mercedes V. Carbone, Principal Consultant

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