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Parenting is complicated and challenging, even under the best circumstances. Parenting a troubled child is distressing, confusing, and overwhelming. Our goal is to support you with expertise and compassion. We listen carefully, strive to understand each family’s unique circumstances, and provide support, guidance, and recommendations specific to each family.  We support you through a process of assessment, education, planning, and execution. 


Our goal is to educate you about all viable pathways, helping you understand the resources and strategies available to help your child and family regain health and stability. We have extensive expertise and experience with local schools and professionals, therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, outdoor therapeutic programs, sober living environments, and young adult transition programs. 


As educational and therapeutic consultants, we are uniquely positioned to support you. Our experience and expertise allow us to assist quickly and efficiently, minimizing risk and maximizing care. Our extensive program and school knowledge allows us to quickly navigate the treatment landscape and identify safe, appropriate care for your child and family. As the thread through an entire treatment process, we offer continuity of care and support. We function as advocates, guides, and sounding boards, and offer a shoulder to lean on in the midst of difficulty and distress.


We are prepared to help! We look forward to hearing from you.




Mercedes V. Carbone, MA

Founder, Principal Consultant

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