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At DAYA&CO we value professional collaboration. As educational and therapeutic consultants, we are clear that we are one part of the extensive network of professionals who support and guide struggling families. We collaborate with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, academic coaches and tutors, learning specialists, mentors, physicians, and many others who share our passion for helping families. We seek to support and enhance professional teams with our expertise: in depth knowledge about strategies, resources, specialized learning environments, and therapeutic programs and schools.


At DAYA&CO we offer the following benefits to you and your clients: 


  • We possess extensive, direct knowledge of schools and programs as a result of consistent travel and tours. 

  • We respond quickly and efficiently if your clients need crisis intervention or placement.

  • We remain engaged with clients for the duration of their treatment process, providing support, guidance, and advocacy along the way.

  • We offer services at reasonable, flexible hourly rates with variable length, hourly retainers. 


We are always seeking to meet and collaborate with a wide range of professionals. We would be thrilled to meet you!




Mercedes V. Carbone, MA

Founder, Principal Consultant


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