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DAYA&CO. connects with many great resources within our professional network, and we want to share them with you. Enjoy, and please provide feedback so that we can best serve your needs.

We were lucky enough to be referred to Mercedes during an extremely stressful time for our family. Our eleven  year old son, who had recently been diagnosed with Aspergers, was creating chaos at home and at school. We had worked with numerous professionals and programs. We had just begun to think about the possibility of residential school or treatment of some kind. We were very unsure, and we were afraid of this idea. When we met Mercedes, we felt an immediate connection and an understanding of our family dynamics that we have never felt before. After she got to know us and our son, we trusted her intuition and her recommendations.  She is a very knowledgeable and warm person, with whom we were all able to connect easily. Mercedes recommended the school, recommended the particular therapist who would be best for our son, and facilitated the admissions process. She is well connected and really knows the field.  She continues to help us by maintaining communication with the school and advocating, on occasion, for our son. Now our son is preparing to come home, and Mercedes is helping us with next steps. We recommend her highly.

Paul E. and Jennifer T.

I am so grateful we worked with Mercedes. She was diligent about getting all the facts and reports (talking with all therapists, school personnel, etc.) to get the whole picture.  She kept in close touch with us all the way through vetting programs, and attending programs. We are always told our kids are especially "complicated," but she located placements that were a very good fit for our son. She has stayed in contact, talking with the therapists at his placements, being on calls with us and them, visiting our son at our house when he came home for visits.


Also, for us, just her way of being is a source of comfort and relief. Very sympathetic, very direct, she joins with us in the grief as well as the gallows humor. I have recommended her to other parents.


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