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Achieving Family Health And Happiness, Together.

At DAYA&CO., we work through the lens of family. We listen carefully to your family's unique circumstances and needs, providing a sounding board for parents who need objective, professional feedback and advice. We are committed to meeting families wherever they are in their processes. Whenever possible, we strive to enable young people to remain at home with their families. Acting as a hub, we collaborate with and gather information from your team of local professionals. We offer an ongoing assessment process including families and the professionals who serve them. If appropriate, we provide additional strategies and local resources to enhance your at-home treatment regimen. 


Despite best efforts, out-of-home placement is sometimes necessary to keep young people safe and return them to a healthy trajectory. At DAYA&CO., we help determine if and when out-of-home placement is necessary or warranted, using clear benchmarks to help guide the way. 


There is an expansive continuum of private residential care available to young people and families. At DAYA&CO. we have extensive knowledge about therapeutic schools and programs, maintained with consistent travel and tours. Our knowledge extends far beyond a general understanding of programs into details and specifics about each setting and the professionals within. Our goal is to match children and families with specific clinicians, treatment environments, treatment modalities, academic settings, and educational instructional styles. This in depth, multi-faceted approach maximizes the chances of a successful intervention and treatment process. 


Assessment and Intervention require a carefully constructed and executed plan, as well as consistent support for the duration of the treatment process. At DAYA&CO., we are committed to creating a customized plan, and supporting your entire treatment process at home or away. 


At a time of extreme crisis in our family, Mercedes was calm, empathetic, professional and well-informed; she took the time to understand our situation, drew on her decades of experience to offer us a sensible choice of appropriate interventive and therapeutic resources, and guided us patiently through the process of getting help for our family.  I cannot imagine trying to navigate through the jungle of glossy brochures, glib website copy and well-meaning but clueless advice-givers without a guide as competent, humane and tenacious as Mercedes has proven to be.  With a rare talent for instilling confidence when we were at our most fragile, she has our highest recommendation.

John and Amelie S.

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